3-way Rotary Control Valves

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OMEGA Compact   3-way Rotary Control Valve

Technical Data

Size range:         DN65-800

Valve housing:   球墨铸铁

Pressure Class:   PN10/PN16/PN25

Leakage rate:    Class IV 遵循 EN1349

Frese Rotary Actuators

for OMEGA Compact and Frese Butterfly Valves

Technical Data


Electric Rotary Actuator for accurate valve control with feedback   information to local or central control system.

Robust design with protection class IP67.

Optional items: Explosion proof, IP68, additional limit switches and   modbus RTU communication.


Pneumatic Rotary Actuator for accurate control with complementary   positioner and filter regulator.


Positioner & Filter Regulator

To be used together with Frese Rotary Actuators

ELCO-100 - Electric Local Controller

Local PID Controller for controlling of supply temperature with complementary   temperature sensor.

Temperature Sensor

To be used together with ELCO-100

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